Our History

A bridge to the future ..

In 1919, a young German orthopedic technician named Otto Bock began a journey that later became an inspirational success story. He founded a company in Berlin that would supply thousands of prosthetic and orthotic devices. With a huge demand resulting in serial production of prosthetic components, Otto Bock embarked on new paths, laying the foundation for modern orthopedics and fundamentally revolutionizing the industry.
The company's difficult new post-war beginnings then took place in Duderstadt with Max Näder - Otto Bock's son-in-law - and his wife Maria, who began setting up a new manufacturing facility in 1946.
During the building process, innovations marked history with the development of Myoelectric Arm Prostheses - prostheses that can be controlled by muscle signals - in addition to the modular system which still remains the backbone of modern prosthesis components, The application of such sophisticated technologies enabled Ottobock to evolve from a manufacturer of individual components, into a producer of complete prosthetic systems.
In 1990, Dr. Max Näder handed the management over to his son professor Hans George Näder, who in his turn rapidly expanded the company's global network. Keeping 'innovation and leadership' in mind, the company's CEO has quadrupled turnover in addition to maintaining a continuous flow of innovations. Professor Näder also introduced the new segment of neurostimulation to the product range.
On the local side, the remarkable discovery of an artificial big toe found in an Egyptian mummy proved to be the worlds' earliest functioning prosthetic body part. This event matches as a historical rendez-vous for Ottobock to operate also from Egypt as one of the global network branches.
Ottobock is the only global player in prosthetics with subsidiaries in over 40 countries around the world.
And with this global distribution network, leading Ottobock products are being exported, offering supreme technology and quality to over 140 countries.
As a member of the global team, Ottobock Egypt carries the flame and serves as the region's gateway to Ottobock's world class healthcare services and products. 



Our Philosophy

Quality for Life ...

We value life, we believe in the right of each individual to live a life of quality, and it is our mission to spread a message of change and hope. Hope to master the strength to bear yesterday's hardship, change today and live for a better tomorrow.
Enabling people to achieve the maximum possible mobility and independence is continuously steering our vision. It is a confirmation to enhancing the quality of the lives of many who are dependent on our products and healthcare services.
For over 90 years, Ottobock has helped restore not only mobility but hope to patients around the world. With state-of-the art products and cutting edge technology, Ottobock has become the global leader in healthcare products, making a real difference in people's lives every day. We do not experience progress and tradition as a contradiction but as a natural entity.
At Ottobock Egypt, it is our duty to carry on the legacy, bringing the Ottobock international standards and supreme quality to the region. We provide high-quality orthotic, prosthetic and rehabilitation solutions for a wide range of clinical conditions. We follow up and upgrade our staff continuously via ongoing education, seminars and training; it is a lifestyle for us and a due right to our customers and product users.
'Quality for life' means not only the above. We excel in understanding our customers and product users in meticulous details. We provide the best ...