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- Ottobock Egypt passes on the knowledge to the students of faculty of physiotherapy".
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“You and only you are the backbone of the prosthetic practice in Egypt” With these words, Mr. Bob Cheaib, Chairman and Managing Director of Ottobock Egypt, started his lecture addressing the third-year students of the faculty of Physiotherapy, Cairo University. A total number exceeding 110 attendees including students , orthopedic lecturers and the head of the orthopedic department participated in the seminar titled “The Rehabilitation Role in the Prosthetic Fitting”. During the two-hour session, Mr. Cheaib highlighted the important role that the physiotherapist plays in the patients’ treatment & rehabilitation plan, followed by an explanation of Ottobock’s wide range of products from prosthetic feet, adapters, prosthetic knee joints and sockets; as well as our unique mobility system – MOBIS. A demonstration of a “C-Leg” and a “3R80” was incorporated in the presentation. The display of a Silicon-House hand and foot left the audience astonished by the near-to-human resemblance of these products to the natural hand and foot. Furthermore, a student demonstrated a primitive foot that he made from wax as an attempt to imitate the Silicon-House foot. The visual aids used in the session constantly grabbed the attention of all attendees. Mr. Cheaib ended his presentation with an inspiring video about the state-of-art product “3S80”, the first sport knee joint, which made the students wonder about the high technological level that Ottobock reached in manufacturing its products. An open discussion was held after the presentation where questions and answers were exchanged. Sensing the students’ eagerness for learning, Ottobock Egypt offered them free educational tours at the Competence Center in order to combine their theoretical knowledge with the practical experience.

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