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- Ottobock Egypt organizes a session under the title of “Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Amputee”.
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Following the significant success of the workshop organized at the faculty of Physical Therapy – Cairo University last March, Ottobock Egypt organized a session under the title of “Rehabilitation of Lower Limb Amputee” at Alexandria Physical Therapy Syndicate (APTS). The session, conducted by Dr. Haitham Elessawy (Clinical Manager - Ottobock Egypt), was addressed to 20 physiotherapists ranging from freshly graduated doctors to PHD holders. Also, we were honored by the attendance of Dr. Hosny Algwely (Chairman of APTS) and Dr. Ahmed Abd Elghany (Former Head of Scientific Committee of APTS). Throughout the session, Dr. Essawy comprehensively explained the components and features of lower limb prostheses and the major role that physiotherapists play in the rehabilitation after amputation especially lower limb amputation. Dr. Essawy is planning to organize another session at Ottobock Lounge for Cairo residents. Additional details will be provided soon.

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